What we Believe

What we Believe

We believe that there is One God, One Power, One Presence that we call the One Cosmic Reality. This One expresses in, through, and as all creation. This One is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

We believe that all creation is connected through our relationship with the One Power, the One Cosmic Reality. Therefore all creation is one with God and one with each other since all creation is the One Cosmic Reality expressing as that creation.

We believe that our consciousness creates our reality. Hence, our physical experiences are an out-picturing of our inward beliefs.

We believe that it is possible to change our physical experiences at any time by changing our beliefs.

We believe in the power of prayer to heal the body and sustain the mind of the one who believes.

We believe that we can and will achieve peace on earth through the development of human consciousness.

We believe in the continuation of life, in some form, after the experience referred to as death.

We believe that God, the One Cosmic Reality is Love, therefore love is our basic nature.

We believe that there is only One Power, God, the One Cosmic Reality; therefore anything appearing to be the opposite, or evil, is not an entity, but merely a misunderstanding, a misuse of the One Power.

We believe that all religions are legitimate pathways to God.