The primary purpose of Gospel music is Evangelism.

The nucleus that is surrounded by the various dimensions should be the evangelistic message. This means that Gospel music presentations should attend to:
1.Proclaim the Word of God.
2.Reveal God's Plan of Salvation.
3.Creating an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to renew the soul.

Unless this focus on Evangelism remains in the forefront, all else is meaningless from a Christian Education perspective.

A Choir's threefold function:
The threefold function of the choir is to speak to God for the congregation; to sing with the congregation; and to speak to the congregation.

1. To speak to God for the congregation implies that the choir, as a singing unit, brings into the worship service certain skills and gifts not given to the congregation.

The choir is involved in the process of spiritual growth. It is through interaction that the songs of the people of God are made perfect. When the choir sings for the congregation, it is offering what the congregation cannot offer. The tools of the choir members are refined through practice, discipline, commitment, and training. The vestments of the choir are modest,inform, for it is not individuals making the offering, but the choir itself. It is a collective voice.

2. To say that the choir sings with the congregation is to suggest that the choir never intended to guard the music of the church as if that music were owned exclusively by the choir. The choir is also a congregation and a participant in the act of worship. The special function of the choir is not only performance, but perfection. In each worship service there is a need for the choir to speak for the congregation and with the congregation.

3. Also the choir speaks to the congregation. In speaking to the congregation, the choir addresses the worshipers with special music, rehearsed and prepared for such a purpose. This music is the special offering for the choir and should be a commentary in music as the choir reflects upon the presence of God.

The singers and musicians here at the St. John Missionary Baptist Church are dedicated to the above truths. Every singer and musician is an active participant in one of the many Bible study groups and supporter of the total church program.